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Why Choose Rosenbaum as Your Mesa Property Management Company

When you’re looking for a company to provide Mesa property management, you need to ask a few questions. Specifically, you want to know if they are personal investors, if they do a good job vetting tenants, and if they have an in-house maintenance company. Today, we are answering those questions and telling you why you should choose Rosenbaum Realty Group for your property management needs.

Property Management Mesa, AZ: Experience
Always ask a property manager if they are investors themselves. You want someone who can bring personal and professional experience to your own properties. I am a personal investor. I understand real estate and the importance of getting a return on your money. We can sit down and discuss where your rental is and if it’s performing like a good investment should. This experience also helps us establish the right rental price.

Property Management Mesa, AZ: Tenant Screening
A rigorous vetting process is essential. When people want to rent from us, it’s a process. They have to fill out an application, and we look at their credit, background, and where they have lived for the last two years. We ask former landlords if they were late paying rent, if they were ever served any notices, and if there were complaints. We do a thorough two-year verification process plus a credit and a background check to ensure we’re placing good residents. We want to know who is entering your home. Our residents are thoroughly vetted, and they understand all the requirements of renting a property from us.

Property Management Mesa, AZ: Maintenance
In-house maintenance is an important way that we take care of your residents. It drives down costs and increases efficiency. We make repairs cheaper for owners and we respond faster than a third party company. With an in-house maintenance team, we don’t have to rely on the schedule of other companies and vendors. We make sure your residents are cared for and happy.

Tempe homes for saleNo one will fight harder for your property than our team. If you’d like to talk about the opportunity to work with us, please contact us at Rosenbaum Realty Group. We’d love to show you how we can benefit you and your investment.