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Maintenance DIY

Issues to Check Prior to Submitting a Repair Request

No electricity to the unit

  • Check with your electric company to verify there are no outages in your area and your payments are up to date.
  • Ask your neighbors if they have electricity to their unit.
  • Locate your fuse box inside your unit and ensure a switch is not set to the “Off” position.

Tips for a clogged sink

  • If it is a simple clog, try using a drain cleaning product to see if this alleviates the stoppage.
  • Boiling water can be poured down drains to assist oils and soaps that may have coagulated in the pipes in passing.
  • Check under the sink for a bend in the pipe. You can remove this and check for any foreign objects that may be stuck there.
  • Check the garbage disposal to ensure there is no food or other objects clogging it.

Non-functioning garbage disposal

  • Check for a switch under the sink and reset it if needed or set to the “On” position.
  • Some garbage disposal units have a saftey button that is black or red in color most times. Try pressing this to see if it brings the disposal back to life.
  • Unplug the disposal and check for any food or foreign objects that may be stuck in the unit. Do NOT stick your hands into the disposal if it is not unplugged.

Electrical outlets/lights are non-functional

  • Locate your fuse box for the unit and ensure all switches are set to the ON position.
  • If it is a light that is out, try testing it with another lightbulb.

Stovetop burner is not working

  • The stovetop burners are plugged into the stove and can sometimes become dislodged during normal use. Try removing the burner, cleaning the contacts and reseating it into it’s outlet on the stove top.
  • Ensure the stove is plugged in and no fuses or switches are blown or set to the OFF position.

Washing machine is not working

  • Check where the water hoses connect to the taps on the wall and ensure the taps are turned on.
  • Check the power cable and make sure it’s plugged in.
  • Some washers do not function if the lid is not closed. Make sure it is closed and it is not stuck somehow in the open position.
  • Sometimes a washing machine will stop mid-cycle if it is overloaded. If this might be the case, simply remove some of the laundry and try to start it again.

Dryer is not working

  • Make sure the dryer is plugged into the wall and the fuse or switch is not blown or set to the OFF position.
  • Check for a clogged lint screen or any massive amounts of lint that may have made their way past the screen clogging up the outlet tube.

No hot water is coming from the faucets

    If it is an Electric Hot Water System
  • Ensure you have power to your unit or apartment and that no fuses or breakers are blown in the fusebox.
  • Check the water tap on the device to make sure it is in the ON position.
  • If it is a Gas Hot Water System
  • Make sure you have your gas setup from the utilities company and it is on for your unit or apartment.
  • Check for the pilot light to ensure it hasn’t blown out.

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